Secda and Meral, first connect on instagram. Comment after comment the conversions grow. One day, Secda, cushion creator based in Istanbul, goes through Meral's photos on Flickr and the idea of starting a new business starts right there. Secda wants to use Meral's photos on textile to create home accessories especially cushions, bed linen and tote bags. Soon after, well not exactly but many whatsapp messages, coffees in Istanbul and phone calls later, not a cute bow becomes real. 

We specialize in designing unique home accessories and furnishings based on high quality photographic prints on textile. At the moment, we produce cushions, tote bags and bed linen but we will not be stopping there. Look out for more creative work to come your way in the future. Meral's street photography comes to life with state-of-the-art digital printing technology on textile with amazing hand-made details in the form of cushions, tote-bags and linen.  Our first collection focuses on the streets of Shoreditch and Hoxton, reflecting on the vibrant side of East London and creating a unique line of cushions.

In an interview we have been asked : Describe your brand, "not a cute bow" in one word. Why did you choose that name ?

In one word it would be difficult but let's try : Handsome. Yes, handsome :-) When we were thinking about names we wanted it to reflect the idea of classy, masculine , minimal and a bit edgy. We wanted our cushions and home accessories to be wanted by male customers. As you can imagine most cushion lovers are primarily females. Funny enough when people read our brand name they say “Ohhh, how cute” so yes we are still cute :-)

Meet the creative minds behind the notacutebow brand!


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@notacutebow.com


This is why we created this secure website so you can flip through our lovely products and buy online. 


We would love to work with hotels, restaurants or any retailer to create unique designs based on what you would love to see on your accessories. We have got plenty of ideas, great camera skills and talented people working on each product so let's talk. Just email us your inquiry.


Please contact us for any wholesale inquiries.