From Bricklane to Columbia Flower Market

Bricklane, some hate that part of London and some just can't have enough of... Living around Richmond at the opposite side of London to Bricklane I find it almost liberating to be in the East End. When you look back at the history of Bricklane and the area, it goes back to the 15th century when brick and tiles were being manufactured then the Irish and the Ashkenazi Jews arrived in the 19th century. The early 20th century, it became predominantly a Bangladeshi community. As you hit The Vibe and The Old Truman Brewery the buzzing nightlife, vintage clothing , food stalls start to populate the streets. 

Last week I took my boys to Bricklane and Columbia Flower Market for a Sunday stroll. Our walk started all the way from Aldgate East Tube station where the Whitechapel Gallery is until the end of Columbia market where we finally headed over to Shoreditch High Street Tube station to go back home ... the leafy suburbs of Richmond  :-) 

Every time I visit the East End, I always find new street art. Sometimes you need to search for them. They are hidden and sometimes they greet you big and bold. While I was working at Shoreditch at lunch time I would wander the streets of Shoreditch to take some photos. I found this big bold street art at the middle of Hoxton ( Do you know where was this taken?)  "Never Sleep again" . So I waited at the corner for something to happen and days passed and nope nothing happened! Then Ann my colleague suggested she will pose for me I had no idea what she was going to do. She crossed the street, dropped her bag on the floor and lied on the street pretending to be asleep. There I had the photo :-) Now this street art is no longer there but lives on our cushions.

Do you remember where was this Street Art "Don't Sleep Again" about couple of years ago?

 Well, let's start our little photography tour of Bricklane and Columbia flower market.

As you approach Bricklane from Aldgate East station this alley way on the left hand side right after the mosque greets you with this sign. As you enter this empty space it feels like almost  a bomb hit it the night before. But then you see the street art one after another in every empty brick on each wall. Each looking surreal.

We were getting seriously hungry and entered the first covered market where they serve food from all over the world. Oh boy you are spoilt by choice!. My boys went for Chinese and I chose Venezuelan food... Arepas with pulled pork, cheese, avocado and tomatoes. Do I need to say it was yummy!

For desert, we chose a big glass of fruit.

If you need a hair cut you can get one in the garden of The Vibe. Probably the one and only open air hair dresser. Looks like fun :-) 

To get to Columbia Flower Market simply ask people with bouquets of flowers :-) I spotted this glamorous couple fashionably on their bikes coming from the Flower Market. Are they famous ? I can not tell but they did grab the attention of the passers by. Talking about famous people we did bump into Russell Brand.

Sunshine, flowers and more flowers ... and yes you can have oysters, have a delicious ice-cream, sip your beer and listen to one of the street musicians. Ohhh ! and mostly as I do, watch the people pass by.

So our walk ends here. I hope your day is filled with sunshine and full of bright colors! Oh Before I leave I wanted to share the music I am listening to Everything By Maya Jane Coles. The other day, a good friend was doing a little poll What influences the music you want to hear (most)?  For me it is a mix of things, activity, mood, weather and the time of the day... This morning I am a bit hyped up may be I am a bit drugged with all cold medicine and Vitamin C boosters :-)