Come back to Camden

Drinking tea with the taste of the Thames, sullenly on a chair on the pavement; here you'll find my thoughts and I, and here is the very last plea from my heart. My heart. For evermore. as Morrissey sings in Come back to Camden

Songs do pop up in my head time to time. Anything really can trigger this... This time it was Camden which brought Morrissey in my mind and I sang the song as I was wandering the streets of Camden with my boys on the hottest day of summer. As you exit  Camden Town tube station, the crowd and the hot air mixed with the smell of the food stalls just hit you. As you approach the canal a more relaxed atmosphere of Camden town welcomes you spoiling you with variety of food choices from the endless food stalls. If you are after some shopping, you can definitely find something as you get lost in the maze of the covered market.  On this particular day, 1st of August Thursday, without really planning it we found ourselves in the Camden night market. The food stalls are open till late night along with some amazing live music and plenty of activities to get you going till the late hours.

Somehow the madness of the Camden market with it's covered bazaars and food stalls remind me a bit of Istanbul. 

My boys really loved the ping pong tables. They can play ping pong for hours and I just sat on these sun loungers without a bother.

Love the afternoon warm light of the blazing sun. If you are into photography then you know the golden hour.

As you can see it was the golden hour for some Watermelon punch. To be honest, every hour is the golden hour to have a watermelon punch right :-) 

and for some cake :-) After a full day filled with sunshine and great food and yes a bit of shopping we headed back home really tired. My vintage tote bag was part of the journey. I am very pleased with this tote bag as I realize it pretty much matches everything I wear. It became the "can-not-live-without" piece of my summer look. It must be the leather straps and the wonderful melange of colors it carries. Love it when random people stop me on the street and ask me where I got my bag from. Well you know where :-) Shop for tote bags here