Passion at Lovebox 2013

Last Sunday, I have packed my passion totebag for a full day of sunshine, music and dance at Lovebox 2013. Sunday was not my first choice but still had loads of fun. If I have planned better, I would have loved to be there on the Friday. Overall Lovebox Sunday lineup was not really my cup of tea but then I know how to let go and have fun. We went from pure disco in cramped dust filled tents, to house and electronic music all day long. It is always wonderful to have a day full of raving right at the middle of London and the crowd makes it all worth it. 

Last year when I went to Lovebox on a Friday, we basically stayed right by the main stage and never moved until Hot Chip appeared and rocked the whole crowd. This year though we moved around smaller stages and it was great fun. Really enjoyed for an hour and half of DJ Solomun under the golden, hot, very hot London sunshine. Kelis was amazing fun, an artist whom I have never listened before and somehow recognised the music and we were dancing full on through out the whole performance. Great Vibe! 

The festival fashion is one thing but on this day people made real effort to emphasize their costumes. Everything was a bit dramatic and I like that. So much love and passion that were put into each outfit. I could just sit and watch people pass by with booming music in the background. 

I packed very little with me... I can not survive without a camera so there goes the Nokia Lumia925 into the bag along with sunscreen and boy we needed that ! picnic blanket which we have never used and some money. That is really all you need right. Also this year we were not covered in mud but dust ! Feet in sandals turned into black WOOT ! 

Every time I put this camera Nokia Lumia925 into action it blows my mind ! The vibrant colors, the resolution, and the quickness to snap photos are incredible. When I take photos with iPhone 4S I constantly need to boost the contrast by enhancing the photo and with Lumia925 there is no need for filter, and enhancement. The photos are ready to go straight out of camera. 

Low light results are wonderful. I love the effect I got covering the dust filled dark tents where we danced most after sneaking out for a boost of sunshine at times.

Who is crazy enough to do this ride ? Well I was not I preferred to take photos :-) as exciting and thrilling as it gets hah :-) 

Flowers and colors everywhere! Don't they just make you happy and smile <3

Dj. Solomun in action. If you haven't heard him then please listen to his soundcloud here  

I am not looking for love > Now DJ Solomun's tune is in my head singing over and over again ! Not looking for love but LOVE and it's beautiful colors were every where in LoveBox 2013

And finally my passion totebag which accompanied me all day long I made sure that it was not covered in dust :-)