What does your bag hold this week ?

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a relaxing and sun filled weekend. Do I sound like I had one of those weekends ? Sure I do :-) We went camping to New Forrest for a short holiday. It felt like we have packed the whole house for just two nights. I must admit I am not a lover of camping. The first time I have camped was when I was 22 years old in Yosemite. That's just way too old to start camping and expect to like it. I am trying and I am learning to like it. I love camping when there is hardly anyone around you and you are lost in nature most preferably near a lake or a river with loads of repellents. What I don't like is tent right next to other tents, communal bathrooms, dust and all. Well we had a bit of both on this camping trip and I have survived. The main purpose of this short trip was to show the kids, 12 and 8 yrs old sons, what camping is. You know what, they just loved it ! The kids adopt so easily... I know from experience, they enjoy every bit of luxury and really appreciate that and at the same time they love the freedom of camping. One thing I must admit is that I couldn't get them take a bath during the two day camping trip, as they thought the bathrooms were a bit eeky. I am sure if we stayed longer they would learn to deal with that too.

There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. Camping is a bit like this... There is no bad camping, only bad equipment :-) So I think if you have the right equipment you can be as comfortable and happy as home. As this was our first camping after almost ten years, we went around and checked out other experienced campers and took notes of how they were set up. So we came back with a list of things to buy and already planning our next trip and hoping the weather will be like this past weekend. 

Camping needs good equipment and yes also being super organized. Pack only the things you need no extras what so ever. You need to go back  to basics. I only brought a mascara :-) I can not live without one... so think basics... If you really need makeup choose one that you can not live without. Admit that you are all going be a bit dirty, things won't be like at home, sit back and relax the nature.

So now time to show you a bit what we have seen. Talking about packing light and being organized I carried my Nokia Lumia925 every where and the battery lasted without a charge for full three days. #winning

We went to the seaside at Barton-on-Sea and when the sun shines who really needs the med ... England coast is as beautiful... look at those photos and you decide.

The Avon river was filled with kids playing in the water. The picnic areas were populated with cows and horses. Such a nice melange of nature as everyone was in harmony and happy with each other.

On Sunday morning, we packed everything in our car and we were ready to leave for home. For a sec, I thought if only we could do a little family adventure like this... Pack everything only the minimum and leave for a year without a solid plan and see where one adventure leads to another. Packing and unpacking and getting ready for a new week ahead I thought I always clean up my bag and get it ready for the week ahead on Sundays.

So what is in my tote bag this week! Would love to see what your bag holds for this week and what adventures lie ahead ! 

All photos have been taken by the Nokia Lumia925 except the last one which was taken by my iphone 4S ( I sincerely do not like the quality of the iphone 4S photos anymore Do you see the quality difference )